Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake (Cupcakes!)

I love cupcakes! (that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?) They’re magical, delightful, wonderfully sized portions of yumminess without the hassle of “the scientific way to cut a cake” (and yes, apparently there is a way to do that).

And while I’ve never been entirely sure of how I feel about cheesecake, I decided to make one.

That’s because I absoloutely LOVE Mel’s Kitchen Café (I also cook for my family – my brother and parents, not kids – sometimes!), and her recipes have all been super, super awesome.

I came across the Cheesecake section of her recipes, and had a very long internal debate on whether to make the Brownie Mosaic or Decadent Chocolate. Guess which one I tried!

photo 1


Now, since it was my first time with a cheesecake, I originally planned to follow the recipe very, very carefully (which is something I don’t normally do). Then I realized I didn’t have a springform pan. That was the first problem. I wanted to cry.

Then I thought . . . Cupcakes!

Sooooo. I modified the recipe somewhat to make cheesecake cupcakes! (best idea ever!)

I used regular paper cupcake cups. And I lowered the baking time to about 20 – 25 minutes (checking in between to make sure I don’t overbake).

I also used a brownie mix, because I don’t yet trust my brownie-making skills. My brownie cubes turned into brownie bits.

And the crust is a mix of oreo + chocolate fudge cookies (yummy yummy).

I also nixed the ganache for the top, and instead used this recipe for a chocolate filling I had made for my cupcakes once (minus the peppermint extract). I was missing the chocolate chips though, so I used the one chocolate I could find in my refrigerator: plain, regular Hershey’s kisses. And it turned out fabulously.

I’ve noticed quite a few things with my cheesecake cupcakes:

  • First, don’t follow the “fill to 1/3 or ½ or 2/3 of your cupcake cup” rule. The cheesecake filling does not raise and get bigger, so you can fill it just enough to have a nice, cupcake size that isn’t too small, but isn’t too much that it bubbles over when baking
  • An 8 ounce package of cream cheese, with 1 ½ cup of finely ground cookies made only about 6 cupcakes looking like the ones in my photos. But I do like a lot of crust, so it may all just depend on you.

photo 2


Well, my cheesecake cupcakes were nicely received. Everyone loved them . . .  except me. I’m now sure of how I feel about cheesecake, and it’s just not something that speaks to my soul very much. But before I go finalizing conclusions, I’ve decided I need to try an entirely chocolate cheesecake first. Just to be sure. (Because chocolate most definitely, speaks beautiful poetry to my soul)